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What services do we provide?

Our Allied Health Assistant (AHA) services consist of:

  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy

Our Allied Health Professional (AHP) services consist of:

  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
We do not provide Support Workers. Support work involves supporting clients in their daily activities (e.g. personal care, school pick-ups) whereas AHAs assist clients to practice their therapy plan and strategies created by their AHP.
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I want to become an Allied Health Assistant

Fora is a 100% registered NDIS provider. This might make things a little more expensive for clients, but it protects them if things go wrong, and makes sure we have the right structures in place to look after our employees.

Fora has allied health professionals (also known as AHPs [speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists etc]) and allied health assistants (AHAs). We rely on teamwork: in order to use an AHA, you need to have an ongoing relationship with an AHP. If you don’t have an AHP or need a new one, you may be able to use one of ours

For AHAs, you’re entitled to a free 30-60 minute Meet & Greet, where you can interview a prospective AHA to make sure they’re the right fit for you. We can't offer free Meet & Greets for AHPs yet, but you may book a free phone call with them to assess whether their right for you.

The minimum session length for AHAs is 1.5 hours. Often this involves just a one hour session plus 30 minutes made up of preparation time, writing notes and/or travel from the AHA. If you’re using your AHA in a support worker capacity (i.e using your NDIS core support funding), or if you’re engaging them on a public holiday, the minimum session length is 2 hours. Our AHPs have no session minimums, but generally sessions last 45-minutes to an hour.

We match you with an AHA or AHP that lives close by. In cases where there isn’t someone close by, we’ll help you explore your options (i.e. using telehealth or paying someone for travel time to encourage them to drive a bit further to assist you).

As a registered provider, our costs will never exceed the NDIS price guide. To see a breakdown of our prices

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For both AHAs and AHPs, depending on the length of your session, you may be charged an extra 15 minutes for note writing, which will either be sent to you via email, or viewable on your Fora portal.

If there is an immediate threat to your health or safety (such as a medical emergency or natural disaster, etc.), our workers will call emergency services. However, if you require more ongoing, critical support, such as daily personal care or someone to maintain your health and safety, we might need to refer you to another service provider.

Every now and then we’ve had reports of clients asking their AHAs to work for them privately. It may sound like a cost-effective option, but there are a lot of safety & legal issues with this (insurance, compliance, supervision etc). If you're audited by the NDIA, or if someone gets hurt or property is damaged, you could face heavy fines.

For AHPs, you’ll need to provide at least 2 business days notice when cancelling a session. For AHAs, you need to provide at least 12 hours notice before cancelling. If your AHP or AHA needs to cancel a session, they’ll let you know ASAP and try to reschedule where possible.

To see our full terms of use, click here